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Feature: The 39 Steps, Blinking Light

Four actors play over a hundred characters in this thrilling Hitchcock escapade, where no one is who they seem.

Framed for murder, Richard Hannay leaves behind a glamorous (yet entirely dull) life of horse racing and parties, and goes on the run. It’s a journey that takes him from his comfortable London flat across the chilly moors of Scotland, and brings him face to face with a murderous spy ring. As trusted allies become enemies, and nemeses become close friends (or maybe something more?), is anyone really who they seem? And who can Hannay trust?

At the Wildfire Lounge cocktail bar in Glebe, four actors will tackle over a hundred roles in this take on Hitchcock’s classic spy-thriller The 39 Steps.

Join Blinking Light and kick back with a stiff drink as this thrilling caper unfolds.


An amateur production by arrangement with ORiGiNTM Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French Inc. – A Concord Theatricals Company.

DATES: 6 – 15 March, 2024.

TIMES: Tuesdays-Thursdays 7:30pm; Fridays 6pm & 9pm.

LOCATION: Wildfire Lounge, Glebe.


TICKETS: 18-30s: $30 + venue fee, 30+: $50 + venue fee

AGE: Those under 18 are unable to be admitted due to liquor licensing restrictions.

Dedicated to creating joyful works of theatre that showcase that it is possible to radically limit emissions and still produce a work of great artistic merit, Blinking Light is thrilled to bring this environmentally sustainable and immersive theatre experience to life.

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