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Sweet 16: Jo Elizabeth Finnis, Project Interlude

Manan Luthra, in 16 short questions to Director Jo Elizabeth Finnis, tells you all you need to know about City Theatre’s latest production Project Interlude.

ML: What’s the name of your project?

JEF: Project Interlude.

ML: Where is it playing and when?

JEF: Flight Path Theatre, 7:30pm, Saturday 8 August.

ML: What’s your role in Project Interlude?

JEF: Director.

ML: When did you begin preparing?

JEF: 8 days before opening night.

Project Interlude.

ML: How many coffees have you had since then?

JEF: 7.

ML: What’s your show about?

JEF: Collisions.

ML: It has musical numbers, right?

JEF: Yes.

ML: Which one’s your favourite?

JEF: The opening number.

Project Interlude.

ML: When did the set design begin?

JEF: 4 days before opening night.

ML: Describe the design in 2 words.

JEF: Shiny. Light.

ML: What’s been the most difficult part of putting this show together?

JEF: The amount of time.

ML: How close to opening will your cast see the script?

JEF: 4 days before opening night.

Project Interlude.

ML: What happens in your favourite scene?

JEF: The characters get a coffee.

ML: How can people watch Project Interlude?

JEF: On our live stream via the City Theatre website.

ML: What should they be most excited about?

JEF: The fact that we managed to do it.

ML: Are you likely to get a full night’s sleep before opening night?

JEF: No.

Project Interlude opens Saturday 8 August, with tickets and streaming information available here.

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